Pleased to announce….

I am pleased to announce I have been elected to the position of Vice President Operations – PMI Milwaukee Southeast WI Chapter which serves project management practitioners throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Our membership represents a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, retail, construction and more.

Traveling for the better part of the last 12 years has severely hampered my efforts to contribute my time and be of service to groups such as the PMI.  A few years back I served on the Milwaukee Programs committee for the Milwaukee Chapter of the TMA.  This is something I enjoy doing for a variety of reasons.  It keeps me sharp, challenges me, my efforts support the ongoing efforts of these types of organizations which, in turn, support the advancement of the particular field or industry and the careers and education of the members.

I have been given so much by so many in my career and being of service is my way of giving freely that which has been given to me.

Thanks for dropping by.



Welcome to my inaugural blog on the new site.  I’m sorry to say that I just took down my Bates Management Services website but found it to be a bit irrelevant for what I’m doing and I could no longer justify the time or the spend.  It was a site that I was proud of, it’s many iterations of my own design.  Nothing fancy, just mine.   It served me well, so long old friend.

So now Throughput – Michael’s Blog has migrated to this new blog site, where I will continue to post my thoughts, and other’s insights, into the areas of Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma, Project and Program Management, and General and Operations Management.

One thought as I close this brief introductory blog, is that I am still amazed, that as large and seemingly infinite as Google is, that their support is as adept as it is.  I’m in Nowhere, Iowa with some critical questions last night and within 10 minutes of initiating an online chat with support, I once again found them to be prompt , knowledgeable, and helpful in resolving my issues.

See you soon, thanks for dropping by.