Tasty treat I would love to share


So I met this guy at work and discovered he is a local musician. As my faithful readers know, I am a huge hard rock and metal fan and love to dig into different things. Chad Novell is in a band called Fibonacci Sequence, as well as a Netherlands-based band called Mercy Isle (also worth a listen!)  Feel free to look up the term if you don’t know what it means (I have yet to hear the story behind how the band came to name the group such an intriguing name).

All I know right now is that this is some pretty good stuff.  Great musicianship, high-end production, wonderfully flowing melodies, and very cool package consisting of double vinyl with booklet and phenomenal artwork and photography.  Top notch!


The music defines itself far better than I ever could so stop by the website and sample the epic pieces then buy the CD or vinyl.  Best thing I bought this year outside of Maiden’s The Book of Souls.  This is some very tasty prog rock in the vein of Savatage and Trans Siberian Orchestra, with a splash of vintage European prog rock.


I also know these guys have played in the WMSE studio and you all know my affinity for Tom Crawford and crew over at WMSE.

You never know, one of these tasty tunes just might end up on one of my future WMSE shows!

Thanks for dropping by!


Pleased to announce….

I am pleased to announce I have been elected to the position of Vice President Operations – PMI Milwaukee Southeast WI Chapter which serves project management practitioners throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Our membership represents a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, retail, construction and more.  https://pmi-milwaukee.org/

Traveling for the better part of the last 12 years has severely hampered my efforts to contribute my time and be of service to groups such as the PMI.  A few years back I served on the Milwaukee Programs committee for the Milwaukee Chapter of the TMA.  This is something I enjoy doing for a variety of reasons.  It keeps me sharp, challenges me, my efforts support the ongoing efforts of these types of organizations which, in turn, support the advancement of the particular field or industry and the careers and education of the members.

I have been given so much by so many in my career and being of service is my way of giving freely that which has been given to me.

Thanks for dropping by.